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Babbette Hines – Photobooth

Photobooth Journal

I love it when I find a familiar face in a photography book.

Sometime ago, my friend Ted sent me this gorgeous book on photobooth photography, by Babbette Hines. I immediately recognised the face on the page below, and therefore that the gentleman concerned was lurking in my collection somewhere . . .

And here he is, below, in all his glory. He exhibits all the marvellous variety of expression one would find in a Derek Zoolander calendar. His trademark “look” could be named Grey Nickel rather than Derek’s Blue Steel, perhaps?

His uniform could be that worn in many jobs but I’m thinking he is a security guard due to the lanyard around his neck, for an identity card and what appears to be the aerial for a walkie-talkie in his hand or pocket. That notebook would come in handy if that were his job, too.

As a security…

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