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moorezart thumbnialThe concept for this blog is to share other bloggers and their posts. It’s my way to tip my hat to those who post something beautiful, thoughful, insightful, well done or just plain fun!

Like my blog “From 1 Artist 2 Another”  I am simply doing a “Pay it Foward” or “Six Degrees of Separation” experiment and introducing you to other bloggers!

Feel free to follow along for ongoing updates.

Douglas Moorezart

My Other Related Blogs

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  1. Thanks for the reblog. I appreciate it and I noticed a spike in my viewings – so Thanks! Your re-blogging blog looks lovely – you have a great eye for talent (though I say it myself). I must find the time to explore more of what you do. It all looks interesting. Thanks again. Miles from
    In case you are interested, I have another site that’s updated more regularly. Quite a quirky idea. It’s street photography that’s all taken from a disabled mobility scooter (I’m disabled by motor neurone disease) –
    Thanks again 🙂

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