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Ashamed on the 4th of July – A reader explains why she won’t be celebrating this year.

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A reader explains why she won’t be celebrating this year.

Letter to the Editor:

This is the first time in my 77 years that I won’t be celebrating the Fourth of July. I won’t be wearing my stars and stripes shirt, playing patriotic songs, attending a parade or displaying my American flag.

Because in good conscience I can no longer celebrate a country that stands by silently and allows this lying, narcissistic president to dismantle our environmental protections, bribe a foreign power, urge reduced Covid-19 testing during a pandemic, denounce the free press, encourage voter suppression, applaud racism, protect Confederate statues and ignore reports of Russian bounties to kill American soldiers.

I pray that next year we will have a new president who believes in the rule of law, the Constitution and the premise that “all men are created…

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  1. I haven’t celebrated for 20 years. Trump may be the big obvious pimple that’s impossible to ignore, but the sickness that infects America (and I’m not talking about covid) has been around much, much longer.

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