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Memories flung into a harvest time bonfire, an immaculate enforcement of shameless remorse
Reconciliation is but transparent breathing space, twixt hostilities estranged lovers endorse
The waning moon, her closest confidant, the ubiquitous sun her silent nemesis
On a ‘seen better day’s’ hopeless mattress, she favours his sex, not his kiss
The albino girl wearing just one earing, a mere name tag bearing her onetime address
Astride him she rides out the storm of entanglement, dazed violet eyes indisposed to obsess
Picking out a dirge on his wilting heart strings, a heretofore courtly love blasé troubadour
A stock refrain, a pretty poor anthem, for a battle won, though she cares not for the war
She holds the key that locks in his tainted passion, the whitest smile that undoes his cold heart
Recycles confetti for next year’s rainy day wedding, leaving big man, big ego torn apart


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