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A special Cat day…..I LOVE cats:)

My Life as an Artist (2)

There is a story behind each one of these cats…..Some lived with me and others belong to dear friends.   wherever I travel I adopt the resident cats…..

Christeve the Cat – A Welsh Cat – with hummingbird37741212_10156512625865396_5819395929748275200_oA sun spot cat…from England

70870391_10157576030935396_6500160203353227264_oA French cat….15110842_10154633606525396_8505028180039884441_oIccle – from Brussels – now resident in SW France68457757_10157462546565396_2909676004706353152_nFiona from West Chester Pennsylvania USA83968967_10157981236010396_315480655154642944_oCoco lives in California. 15288531_10154661805525396_4147593072811180097_oThe twins from the Farm – Pennsylvania USA20200309_160358From Colorado USA81880440_10157889709575396_1003395070054891520_oChristeve the Cat with Theodore the Tiger and hummingbird – illustration for children’s book and posters. 45713832_10156787139300396_2534145006604648448_oThe International Cat Association sponsored this poster which raised a lot of money for a new tiger’s area at the Philadelphia Zoo…78108030_10157758157435396_2967704508978692096_oThere are so many more cats in my life, but I thought it would be fun to share a few with you today.   

In my next life I would like to be a cat:)


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