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We Will Not Let Your Legacy Die

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Stephen Lawrence

Today is Stephen Lawrence Day. It was in 2018 that the then Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced that April 22nd would be a national day of commemoration for Stephen Lawrence who was murdered on that same day in 1993 in what was a racially motivated stabbing.

Fight for Justice

For 20 plus years Stephen’s mother, Baroness Lawrence, fought for justice for her son and along with Stephen’s father, Neville, were instrumental in pushing their case through the courts and judicial system which ultimately led to the Macpherson report into Stephen’s death which concluded that at the heart of the case were elements of institutional racism which were at play during and after his death.

Neville Lawrence

At just age 18, Stephen, a promising architect, was cruelly denied the opportunity to fulfill his life calling. Yet, through the foundation set up in his name, countless young people have gone…

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