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11. Damaged Goods

The Future Is Papier Mâché

Winter II, digital construct, dimensions variable, 2020

So, here are the final two digital constructs using other people’s marks to date. Frustrations seem to drive the work at the moment – I got to the point where other people’s marks could only go so far in a colour composition without the need for gross distortion (which would render the marks and objects somehow meaningless), so I stopped using them.

In the present phase I’ve been raiding my own pictures for marks. You can see the process creeping in in Winter II – there’s a section of my painting Psst! (Orange) in the top right quadrant.

Ropemaker A, digital construct, dimensions variable, 2020

If I could set a soundtrack to these images it would probably be something by John Dwyer. I’ve written about Thee Oh Sees on this blog before, but his other “band” Damaged Bug is just as good, but…

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