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Xenophobe’s Guide… to the English

Standing Ovation, Seated

A Man who Suddenly Fell Over 1952 by Michael Andrews 1928-1995 A Man who Suddenly Fell Over, 1952, by Michael Andrews

For many years, I’ve been searching for artworks that reflect on the Russian character. Perhaps, one day the collection I’ve assembled gets published as an illustrated book on the mystic and mysterious Russian soul. For Russia, it was easy, for each Russian artist strives to be a Leo Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky and loads up his or her paintings with existential meaning. They don’t happen to hit the right chords very often, but as the effort is massive, so is the result.

International artists, in general, have always enjoyed more freedom than Russians. They could travel continents, could move to live outside of their home countries and seem to have concerned themselves with a more global agenda. They didn’t have to focus on their national issues. Still, I keep looking, and sometimes I find gems. So, welcome to a new rubric:…

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