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Collage 2020-04-07 Cléo de Mérode


Collage 2020-04-07 Cléo de Mérode

“Beautiful Cléo de Mérode!

Dance no more but prowl about

In the land of dreams, and conjure up

The vision that delights me.

And, so thrilling, in the night,

Straddling my bed

Like a colossus of Rhodes,

Beautiful Cléo de Mérode!”

Alexandre Meunier, “À Mademoiselle Cléo de Mérode,” Don Juan, May 6, 1896

(found in Michael D. Garval, Cléo de Mérode and the Rise of Modern Celebrity Culture, Farnham: Ashgate, 2012 – ISBN 9781409406037)

Cléopâtre-Diane de Mérode (27 September 1875 – 17 October 1966) was a French dancer of the Belle Époque. Cléo de Mérode was born in Paris, France on 27 September 1875.[2] She was the illegitimate daughter of Viennese Baroness Vincentia de Mérode, of Austrian and Belgian descent,who was estranged from Cléo’s father. She was raised Catholic. At the age of eight, Cléo was sent to study dance and made her professional…

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