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Exposed Emotions

It’s difficult to comprehend the gist of my mood.
Feels like I was sliced in half, and glued again.
My nerves- stitched down by someone naïve.
I am little bit upset but that’s insignificant.
I lie next to you, close enough to feel your breath,
but too far away to touch, as if my limbs are tied behind.
I’m happy to be here but I’m also saddened.
Your teary eyes, black with smudged mascara, are shut
but your heart beats like you’re trapped in a dream.
My nose so close yours, I inhale all you release.
I lay wide-awake, I wouldn’t dare sleep.
Is it me? Is it someone new?
Someone old? I ache to know.
I imagine the worst, and wish to die on carbon-dioxide.
Please tell me you didn’t let him in again.
Drained of all hopes, I wring for last drops.
My heart is shaking on my…

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