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Rethinking Life

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“Yes, I have been talking to the cats again,” she said, putting the toys she brought for him on the floor.  “I spoke with Fido, the other day.”

“Cats make fun of us because we pant.  It’s not our fault that’s how we stop from overheating.  Besides, what’s wrong with panting?”

“Nothing at all. They just think your tongues are always hanging out.”


“Cats and dogs are made differently,” she said,  “and truthfully, cats don’t often think about dogs, or anyone else, unless their servants don’t wait on them properly.”

“It’s not that,” said Skippy.  “They were worshipped for a long time, so they believe they are gods and who can blame them?  Look at all the things they can do.”

“I see your point,” she said, “but you’re different species, so you can’t compare yourself to them.”

“It’s hard not to.

“Everyone loves dogs.”

“Oh, I know that. …

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