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Freestyle Painting

Living Free and Making a Difference

I’m counting the blessings on times like these. Here’s remembering the feeling of being focused and calm a couple of nights before our government mandated an enhanced community quarantine. Was able to squeeze in some time to finally attend (I was three months late) Maartsy’s Freestyle Painting workshop. I know when I joined their weeknight session in November I promised myself I’d do so once a month…well, I overpromised. So once a quarter it is.

There were three of us in the workshop, and we were asked to choose from a collection of artwork displayed at the studio. I chose one that I resonated with the most – The Great Wave Off Kanagawa.

I was given my acrylic paint in yellow, blue, white, black and brown. Our art teacher, Jay, thought us to mix our colors so we work with just these. I started off drawing my outline using the…

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