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George Blamey-Steeden

cyclists dismount

‘Following on from the graffiti blog post of last week here’s another similar – except  it’s artistically rubbish – pic. This one got a few laughs doing the family and friends rounds a while back. If you check out the ‘Cyclists Dismount’ sign you’ll see why. It doesn’t say a lot for Kyran’s mum, whoever she might be.’

Going through my unused skeleton lyrics from 2012 that I’d discovered on yet another long forgotten external hard drive I found this one. Did I really write that? Guess I must have. Talk about teenage angst!

My past is in my pocket
My future in my hands?
I’ve thrown away the worry beads
The old dreams and other plans

Lost myself to the bogeyman
Visiting tomorrow’s new dark place
Couldn’t find the exit door
Got lost without a trace

Save your pointless prayers for others
Don’t waste your time on me

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