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white cliff‘View From Above’

Strange things happen. Take yesterday. I’m invited to join the parents for breakfast at a café overlooking the sea. I get these invites once, sometimes twice a week. Sat outside, the sun shining for once, you can see France clearly on days like this. I’m eating my poached eggs on toast. We’re chatting about stuff. Everything is good. Then it goes pear shaped. The old man says, ‘I don’t need this.” I say, ‘Don’t need what?’ He says, ‘It’s that God squad nuisance I met in the car park the other day. He’s just turned up here. He must have more front than Buckingham Palace.’

I look round and there the bloke is. Dressed smart. He’s invading the space of ladies trying to enjoy their coffee, going table to table putting his face right smack in their faces as he chants, ‘God loves me’ on a loop…

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