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Faithful Companion

My most faithful companion

Is following me

Sunrays in the sky needed

I am your most faithful companion on sunny days,

I come into existence as soon as you are born and

The first sunrays pop in through the window bathing you.

Try not to disengage me on such days as I follow all

The movements of your body when you walk, talk, sit

Listen to your favorite hit

Your clothes fit or don’t fit

That’s it.

But when the sky darkens I disappear.

The eye of a storm kills me with its thorn,

Even the slightest clouds treat me with merciless scorn.

I pray to stay

And yell so well

I am the dum(b)bell

Of the body I dwell

Once the good weather is restored I am reborn

To follow you through life’s pleasures and pains.

You’ll carry me until your death

And I will listen to your breath

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