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Last weekend trip…

Tom Plevnik photography

I spent my New Year Eve with my friends in Belgrade. Before we arrived in Belgrade, we stopped in Sarajevo. All this photos are made with the iPhone X.

Happy New Year 2018!!!

IMG_E0158 Sarajevo

IMG_E0161 Miris Dunja, Sarajevo

IMG_E0162 Miris Dunja, Sarajevo

IMG_E0166 Vijećnica, Sarajevo

IMG_E0168 Sarajevo

IMG_E0178 Sarajevo

IMG_0213 Beograd

IMG_E0210 Beograd

IMG_0238 Beograd

IMG_0235 Beograd

IMG_E0346 Beograd

IMG_E0356 Beograd

IMG_E0249 Kalemegdanska Terasa, Beograd

IMG_E0920 Green Mill, Rajićeva 14, Beograd

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