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Barista: Mighail Prinsloo


Mighail Prinsloo is a young and upcoming barista working at Raw Espresso Bar in Cape Town. He is passionate about people and coffee and bringing these two together.

Carla_CC_5pm-61 Photo: Carla Correia

Who is Mighail?

Mighail was born and raised in Cape Town and was home-schooled. He finished school in 2015, one year ahead of his time. In 2016, he did the internship at Hillsong Church of South Africa where he was part of the Worship Team. Other than coffee, he has a love for skating, music as well as people. When he’s not making coffee, he’s out and about in the city skating or playing guitar. He enjoys taking his coffee in the form of a Flat White and a pour over from time to time.

DSC_4417Photo: Justin Coomber

How has Mighail’s love for coffee started?

Coffee has always been a part of Mighail’s life. He used to make a…

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