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Desert Island Flash Drive

island houseYour mission, should you choose to accept it;

The Background

Nuclear event, contagion, zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, rogue meteor, (insert your preference here: __________)

Your Destination

A tiny island, secluded, capable of sustaining life while you await the new world order.


Just you, a laptop (capable of indefinite solar recharge), and a 32 gig USB flash drive.


The laptop’s hard drive is reserved for the millions of words you will write waiting out humanity’s rebuild. The flash drive will be populated with the following data:

5 Novels
5 Films
5 Television Shows/Series
5 Music Albums

A clichéd concept yes, not original, but worthy of consideration, given the proliferation of world conflict, natural disasters, and post-apocalyptic infatuation.

Those of you with backyard bunkers/fallout shelters can disregard, please read quietly at your desks.

My picks are below.

If your tastes gravitate towards the writings of Anton Chekhov, the music…

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