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Instamatic Gratification

FullSizeRender (26) copy 3Late-afternoon light and shadow in Newport Beach, California. (Taken with an iPhone 5s.)

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    • You are of course, welcome! I lost track of you! Oh my it so easy to misplace and forget in this jumbled chaos of online-ness. You continue doing excellent work and I am most impressed – but then I always was. So wonderful to hear from you. Hope you are succeeding at all you strive for! – Douglas


      • Thank you, Douglas. I’m very glad to reconnect with you. I do kind of miss the old, pre-social media days when the blogosphere was self-contained and the online world was less crazy. I find it to be quite overwhelming these days and tend to withdraw and disappear from time to time. That being said, please know that I’m a big fan of your artwork and very appreciative of your generosity in helping promote others. Thanks for all you do. 🙂

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      • You are always welcome and thanks for your generous comments. I couldn’t agree with you more on all counts. I have myself withdrawn from all but a few places. I have abandoned most of my earlier avenues. All your time can be consumed by keeping up and not doing your art – which is all that truly matters. Life’s just too short. If you are ever over my way (near Julian) feel free to let me know and we can share an espresso and conversation. I noticed also you traveled to New Mexico – where I have lived twice. It is magical and it was special to see your images from my spiritual home. By any chance did you see O’Keeffe’s home/studio tour? I hope you keep gracing us with all your work. Count me a ‘forever’ fan!


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