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Ultimate Guide to Nutrients: Fat-The Basics

The Purple Almond

Since the 1970’s, fat has been demonized as the primary cause of heart disease. There are so many questions about fat. Is it good? Is it bad? Does it cause heart disease? Does it clog arteries? Is it the cause of our obesity epidemic? These are questions, which were all researched in the 1970’s, and are still being researched by scientists today.

The subject of fat is a complex subject. (Sorry, this too will have a bit of science, but, it’s necessary to explain them. 🙂 ) So, over the next couple of months, we will be talking about the different aspects of fat. I have broken this topic down into a series of six articles:

  1. Fat-the basics
  2. Saturated fat
  3. Unsaturated fat
  4. Omega fat
  5. Fats to avoid
  6. Cholesterol

What is fat?

Fats and oils fall into a class of nutrient known as “lipids”. By definition, lipids are:

relatively water-insoluble…

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