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Chris Labrooy

Loud Alien Noize

Tales of Auto Elasticity

Inspired by Californian road trips along endless highways through deserted baron lands.

 Auto aerobics began life as a tiny idea for a project about New York. Walking through Brooklyn on a winters evening is a truly memorable experience which motivated me to build a digital 3D model that captured the various details and textures of this location. The Pontiac automobile was initially destined to be a prop parked on the sidewalk; however, I later decided to make it a parallel subject of the series and started abstracting the cars forms by hollowing out the vehicles core, stretching the proportions and experimenting with multiples which over time began to look extraordinary.                                                                        …

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  1. Thank you for noticing that one!! My God I couldn’t believe people didn’t stop for a moment to stop and like the work of Chris Labrooy! I had posted this before with less picture so when I reposted it I add more stuff and got less attention then the first time which is quite unusual considering my blog is like 200% more popular then it was when I started it 2 years ago. Maybe I’m getting an ego trip or something lol!! But I had a hard time having 1 or 2 likes when I started and I was so happy to reach 500 followers!! I mean, the success of my blog exceeded by far my expectations ( I had none lol) so yeah. I was quite supirsed I got more attention when I first posted it then now!!! Anyways you really have a good eye and I have a few suprises for you that I think you will like; posts about other digitalized photo artists. Pardon my English. I’m mostly French speaking. English is a second langage to me, I have gotten a lot better with practice and by reading books in English but I know I still make obvious mistakes. It’s a shame I never got to understand how to participate to Cee’s photo challenge cuz I have really kool pics of wooden textures and stuff in black and white.. Oh well..SHe is doing very wel without me and I always enjoy looking at the photos she gets. Please know that I truly admire your work. Let’s stay in touch ok?? Peace Out from Montreal mate! -Tobe


    • Tobe fantastic to hear from you. Please feel free to write me at I can relate to your experience blogging on very deep level. I say that your blog and what you present is especially well done. I like that you touch not upon same old ground and topics that limit our collective and artistic growth. I loved finding your blog again and saw numerous delicious posts to keep me coming back to visit. Bottom line though, my friend – if I may call you that – is to do what interests you and expresses who you are and not at the expense of trying to please your audience. Your English is perfectly wonderful and far exceeds my French. I can only order cake with strawberries in your beautiful language! – Cheers and keep up your insightful and rich work! – Your California comrade -Douglas

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