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An Archaeology of the Close-Up

A World of Film

I recently wrote an academic essay exploring the historical and cultural origins of the cinematic close-up. The piece is a long read, but I think any reader interested in cinema history will find the ideas interesting. I worked hard on the essay and I’d be extremely grateful for anyone able to take some time to give it a read.

Take a look at my essay thesis below, and, if interested, click the link at the bottom of this page to read the entire piece.   

Keep engaged in film viewing, theory, and criticism. Cinema is one of the most important arts of expression we have at our disposal… in times such as the modern age, never forget that. 


Isolated in space, her face commands the audacity of the screen; her eyes twinkle with dampened hope as she stares intensely upon her off-screen accusers. The power of the close-up within…

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