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Why Do You Have An x/y Axis On Your Head?

Richard's Food for Thought


What do these ashes mean?  That’s one way to ask the question.  Another might be, “Why do you have dirt on your forehead?”  I think the answer is simple.  These ashes remind us of our mortality.  They don’t remind us of our sinfulness, what we need to give up, or those things we need to improve upon.  No, they serve as a visible reminder of our own finite existence.  Now tonight, as we enter this sacred season, what are we going to do with this reminder?  Will be pretend that superficial acts of self-denial really make us better people for 40 days?  Perhaps, that’s up to you.  I hope you take this opportunity to ask a deeper, more fundamental question.  Since these ashes are about our mortality; might we ask:  how will we measure our lives?  The cross, the x/y axis on our forehead, represents a means of measuring our…

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