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Tuckertown Reservoir and Uwharrie Mountains, 3 pics

C.S. Young Jr. Fine Art Photography

High Rock Dam Composition High Rock Dam Composition

The Yadkin and Pee Dee River basin in central North Carolina was originally licensed in 1958 for 50 years to Alcoa Aluminum to power their local aluminum smelting plant.   A series of dams were built which created High Rock Lake to the north and Baden Lake to the south; the lakes are separated by the Tuckertown Reservoir.  Environmental interests in the local community, state and neighboring South Carolina have long been at odds with Alcoa.

Tuckertown Reservoir Root Composition Tuckertown Reservoir Root Composition

A major drought from 1999 to 2002 exposed Alcoa’s inadequate environmental procedures.   Lake draw-down procedures virtually drained the lake and caused significant environmental harm to the area.   The drought eventually ended and High Rock Lake recovered.  However, there have also been numerous claims of pollution.  Recent attempts to have state control failed and re-licensing to Alcoa has been quite contentious.  Last September Alcoa’s license was renewed until…

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